Complaints procedure

The insurance brokerage services are guaranteed by a liability insurance policy that covers the damage caused to the policy holders, arising from negligence and professional errors of the broker or negligence, professional errors and infidelity of employees or personnel whose actions the broker must comply with by law and also by a bank guarantee;

The policyholder or in any case the person entitled, by hand delivery, by mail or by computer support has the right to file a complaint in writing to the Broker DS Insurance Broker srl by sending it by registered mail to the office of Corso Cavour 9, 19121 La Spezia SP or by mail to pec to the attention of the legal representative.

In case of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the complaint or, in case of no response within 45 days of receipt of the complaint, the policy holder and/ or the insured can contact IVASS – Service Supervision Intermediaries – Via del Quirinale 21- 00187- Rome, attaching the documentation relating to the complaint processed by the broker.

The policy holder has the right to contact the Judicial Authority, or to use out-of-court dispute resolution systems provided for by current legislation; the policy holder has the opportunity to apply to the Guarantee Fund for the activity of insurance and reinsurance brokers, established at the Consap, Via Yser 14, 00198 Rome, phone 06/85796538 pec  and , where the conditions and the right to do so exist, to ask for compensation for the property damage caused to them by the exercise of the brokerage activity, if he has not been already  compensated by the broker or has not been indemnified through the policy referred to in the previous point.